Get a Smile Makeover with Bleaching and Dental Bonding in Fairfield, CT

Do you have a severe discoloration or misshapen teeth? Even the smallest defect in your smile can cause self-consciousness but may easily be corrected. You can have a more beautiful smile with the help of tooth bonding and whitening. Your teeth can first be whitened to a desired brighter shade and then bonded to repair chips for a more ideal tooth shape. If you have a stained or chipped tooth, schedule a consultation for bleaching and dental bonding in Fairfield, CT with Demartin Dental Associates. These two cosmetic dental procedures can improve numerous conditions, including:

• Teeth that have been stained by food or drink, such as coffee and blueberries
Tobacco stained teeth
• Teeth discolored by early ingestion of antibiotics
Broken or chipped tooth
• Misshapen teeth

The Process of Tooth Bleaching and Dental Bonding in Fairfield, CT

Our doctors will partner with you to discuss the goals you have for your smile, selecting the ideal tint and shape for your chipped tooth. Your teeth can be whitened using an in-office method, which is accomplished in an hour, or an at-home method, which occurs gradually. Tooth whitening works well for superficial stains. However, some deep internal stains, like those caused by antibiotics, may need to be bonded or capped.

Bonding refers to the use of composite filling. Composite filling material is made of a mixture of tooth colored materials and is undetectable when placed. This makes it a perfect solution for reconstructing your chipped tooth. Our experts will color match your bonding material, apply it to your tooth, and then sculpt it into shape. It is hardened with the assistance of a curing light and then polished.

Teeth that have been professionally whitened as well as those which have been bonded may gradually become stained again over time, due to external factors, such as consumption of tobacco products or red wine. Be sure to brush as soon as possible following the consumption of such items to help reduce staining.

Tooth bleaching and dental bonding can dramatically enhance your beautiful smile. For more information on either of these cosmetic procedures, contact Demartin Dental Associates in Fairfield, CT today.

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