Patient Testimonials

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"I have been in the dental field for many years and choose Dr. Finnigan to take care of my dental needs. I was in need of a new bridge and Dr. Finnigan made my procedure comfortable and easy. The professional and caring staff are great as well."
-Nancy R.

"I just had a root canal done. Absolutely without pain. Well done Jan.Thank you so much. I even had a x-ray taken. I didn't even gag!!! Thank you, Alaine."
-Diane W.

"I have been a patient for almost 20 years. Whether a painful crisis or a routine cleaning, Dr. Finnigan and the team have never let me down. From Mary and Connie's smiling greetings, Tina and her expert cleaning, to Dr. Finnigan and his great care, I can recommend DeMartin Dental with confidence."
-Deirdre R.

"The crew at DeMartin takes great care of you. From a short sit in the waiting room to capable, comfortable care in the "big chair," the staff at DeMartin knows how to treat their patients. They are knowledgeable, accommodating and take the sting of the "dental visit" with their warmth and concern. "
-Karen N. 

"Like many people, a visit to the dentist is usually not the highlight of one's day.The folks at DeMartin Dental are friendly, caring and far from being judgmental even for those who have not been as attentive to their dental care as they should. Highly recommend Dr. Finnigan and the entire staff there"
-Christopher P. 

"My entire family has been going to DeMartin Dental for years. Fantastic Dentists!"
-Tyler T.

"I have been going here for most of my life. In terms of scheduling, they are good at getting you in. They have three dentists who are all friendly. The hygienists are nice and do a great job. I would recommend DeMartin Dental."
-Emily T.

"I can't even tell you how much I love this place. I started going here after an 8-year hiatus from the dentist after a really traumatic experience at another place. Dr. Finnegan was amazing with me during my first visit, calming my fears and taking extra time with me, realizing how nervous I was. I have now been going to them for almost 7 years and I really love them. Their staff is amazing and friendly (hygienist Tina is an angel), they always run on time, which is hugely important for me. Just note, if you're like me and have limited hours, they do have 7am appointments but you have to make them way in advance, but they are in such high demand, it's not surprising. They are just the best!! I love going to the dentist again - never thought I would say that!"
-Jamie B.

Patient Testimonials

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