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What Happens During An Exam?

During an oral cancer exam, you doctor will:

  • Exam of the tongue and insides of your mouth to check for red or white patches or sores
  • Feel the tissues of the mouth to check for lumps or other abnormalities
  • Order further testing on abnormalities that are found
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Michael Douglas on Oral Cancer

Early Detection with Oral Cancer Screening in Fairfield, CT

The diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the mouth is referred to as oral pathology. This includes oral cancer screenings as well as the detection of tumors, cysts, and lesions. While changes in the tissue of the mouth may not necessarily indicate cancer, it is important to detect and treat any illness as quickly as possible. For your oral cancer screening in Fairfield, CT, schedule an appointment with Demartin Dental Associates. Oral pathology is essential for detection of the following:

• Precancerous lesions
• Cancerous lesions
• Tumors
• Cysts
• Abnormal textures and tissue color

What to Expect During Your Oral Cancer Screening in Fairfield, CT

Oral pathology screenings should be conducted a minimum of once per year. For those patients who are at risk for oral cancer, more frequent visits are recommended.

Our doctors will first ask you to remove any partial or full dentures in order to fully evaluate the oral environment, including the lips, face, and neck. During the tactile part of the exam, our experts will feel the outside of your jaw and neck and the inside of your mouth as well. Your cheeks, lips, and tongue will be checked for lumps, irregularities, and patches. Your tongue, in addition to the back of your throat, will be checked for swelling or any changes in color or texture.

If cysts or lesions are found, pictures may be taken for documentation to assist in comparison at a later date. A biopsy of tissue may also be taken and sent to the lab for oral pathology. An appropriate treatment plan will be designed when the results are received.

Demartin Dental Associates recommends that you perform self-exams on a regular basis to become familiar with the appearance of your mouth. If you notice any changes in tissue color or texture, call our office in Fairfield, CT right away to schedule an oral pathology exam.

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